In 3Plus Games, we offer a convenient Facebook & Google Play login option for users to enhance their user experience. By doing so, the platform gains access to the personal data of the user  provided in the Facebook & Google account. We want to assure you that, this information is utilised for the user’s benefit, as mentioned in our Policy & Terms and Conditions.

The user can also login to the platform through the Guest mode by providing appropriate information. User data provided during login via guest mode will not be store in the platform.

How the Data is Being Used

The personal data obtained through Facebook & Google Play login is employed for the sole purpose of enhancing your gaming experience with us. We use this data responsibly, ensuring that it is not shared with third parties, and is handled in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

We understand the importance of user control when it comes to personal information. You have the right to manage and delete the data you have shared with us.

How to Delete Your Data

If the user wants to delete the data associated with their account, simply send an email to play3plusgames@gamil.com with the subject “Data Deletion Request”. Mention the User-name which you used to log in to the game specifically in the body of the mail.

To safeguard your data, we will go through a verification process and cross-check the user’s Login ID and Username. Within a week, the user data will be deleted.

Your data is handled with utmost care here and is used exclusively for the improvement of our gaming services. We value your trust, and we will maintain the transparency to uphold your privacy.

If you have any further questions regarding the same, feel free to reach out to our support team at: play3plusgames@gmail.com

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