Welcome to 3Plus Games Pvt. Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “We”, “Us”, “Platform”, or “Our”), a digital realm that satisfies all gaming enthusiasts! These Terms of Use outline the principles and guidelines that govern the User’s (hereafter referred to as “User”, “You”, “Your” or “Player”) use of Our games. Subject to Your acceptance of these Terms, 3Plus Games will grant You a revocable license to access all Our Services for Your personal entertainment use. You can access the Platform through Your web browser or applications without any hassle. By engaging with Our Platform, You signify Your agreement to these Terms and agree that You may not use the services for any other purpose, copy or distribute the services. Any usage of Our Services in violation of these conditions will be handled as a violation of Our Platform’s Services.

3Plus Games reserves the right to suspend or terminate Your access and usage of all services without notice if You violate these conditions. In these cases, You cannot access to the Account with the personal information You have given to the Platform (Like username, password, and email id). Also, You will forfeit all entitlements in the Platform like rankings, standings, evaluations etc. You agree that You will not violate any of these conditions to avoid the termination of Your account.

Intellectual Property Rights

The unauthorized use of any materials on Our Services be considered a violation of these Terms mentioned here and it be considered a violation of copyright and trademark that results in penalties. While We grant a limited right to access and use the Services, no ownership rights are transferred (like virtual goods, points, rankings, standings etc.). Any intellectual property rights are transferred to the User including patent, trademark etc. while downloading the contents, using the website or other services offered by the Platform.

Uploading materials to this site or utilizing the services of this website without consent is prohibited. With this Terms, You agree here that, You do not copy, publish, redistribute or exploit any content from the website. However, the comments and feedback the User has given can be used, sold, or disclosed without restriction.     

Intellectual Property Rights of Others

All services, trademarks and names including the product names and logos that appear on Our Platform are the exclusive property of the respective owners. The Platform does not hold any right over it. In addition to this, the usage of images, logos or any other material by various owners may be protected by copyright laws. The Platform grants no rights for the User to copy or use any of these.

Change or Update on Services

As We continually evolve, 3Plus Games reserves the right to change, update, or remove parts of its services and Terms without prior information to the User. As a User, You agree here that, any removal of the functionalities of the games or features is of complete supervision under the Platform. Any game options may be removed or updated without User’s consent. The Platform holds complete control of all its games and products and has the right to bring changes to it when required.

User Content

The User is not just a player, but a contributor. Users have the opportunity to submit content, but the Platform reserve the right to manage, modify, or refuse submissions. The Platform can allow You to post comments, feedback, and messages (including voice chat) on websites and app, but the User bears the sole responsibility for the content they share within Our Platform. Also, We reserve the right to remove or delete the same without notice for any reason.

User Account and Password

A User’s journey begins here with creating an account. You can complete the registration procedure with 3Plus Games by giving Your personal information such as Your Name, email.id, phone number etc. You agree to promptly update Your personal information in accordance with the Terms. We may ask You to use a username and password to safeguard Your account. Yet, You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of Your Data.

You may not impersonate a User, or collect email addresses and personal information of another person. You may not use another person’s password, username or any other details, and You cannot share, buy or sell Your account to anyone including Your personal details. The Platform cannot hold any responsibility over account sharing.


The Platform reserve the right to use collected non-personal information for advertising purposes. It may include advertisements by Us or third-party advertisement partners. Third-party advertising technologies may collect information for contextual advertising and content improvement. We may collect information like Your IP address, software and hardware information, usage information, device identifiers etc.

Rules of Conduct

The User is liable for all the tasks they have done using the site and services. You are agreed to follow the rules and cannot navigate responsibility or violate laws. Engage respectfully in the platform, respecting the community. All of Your activities are governed here, and any violation or behaviour like cheating, disrupting services, unauthorized use, and fraudulent transactions may be considered as serious issues and necessary actions will be taken. It may include the Termination of Your account. We reserve the right to change the rules of conduct at any time.

You cannot upload or transmit files containing viruses, spyware, corrupted files or any other harmful data or software that are designed to damage the Services. You cannot interfere with any security feature that restricts the access of the services. You cannot restrict or disturb any other User from using our Services in any way.

No Commercial or Fraudulent Use

The User is not allowed to reproduce, transmit, copy or sell the Platform’s Services for commercial purposes that are not authorized. Also, You are not allowed to use the Services to advertise, promote goods and websites etc.

The Fraudulent use of the Services by violating State and Local laws may be subject to punishments. Impersonating another person, creating false identities, misleading other Users, accessing other person’s details, creating an account using untrue information, disclosing other’s information etc. may be subject to fraudulent activities.

Data Collection

By accessing services, You permit the Platform to collect, use, and transfer Your personal information. This collection is subject to social networking policies.  The Platform utilize this information for game management, authentication, account blocking, copy protection etc.

Third-Party Data Collection

By using Our Services, You agree that We can share Your information with third parties as per the privacy preferences. The third parties like sellers and service providers working with Us will collect Your data to organize and modify the services. Also, if You are using Our Services through third-party platforms, they grant Us permission to collect information.

Terminating Your Account

The account termination forfeits access and entitlements. You cannot further use Your account, password, username and all other associated entitlements.

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