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Step into the fast lane of Wheel Wizards powered by 3Plus Games, where we unveil the thrilling universe of car races. Racing cars is not just a game, but a heartbeat of gaming enthusiasts worldwide for generations. With easy controls and dynamic gameplay, 3Plus Games found the same gem of racing games in Wheel Wizards. Zoom through the busy streets and tackle a range of driving challenges now.

Wheel Wizards is a symphony of speed, precision, and entertainment that will engage each gamer with realistic driving experiences. You have something fast-paced here in our garage. Handpick the high-end cars from the garage and engage in the pulse-pounding challenges of Parking Mode or let loose in the boundless freedom of our exhilarating Free Mode. But the adventure doesn’t end there – invite your friends to the race and be the race master.

Accept the 25-mission challenge and Park the car in various parking lots in the Parking mode. Go for a free ride in the Free Run mode. If you want to speed your way, go for the 911 mode and take on the role of an emergency medical responder who transports patients to the hospital in the given time. To add an extra layer of challenge and adventure, choose the Fire Engine mode and rescue the people in danger. Successfully completing missions within the allocated time frame rewards players with gold coins, which can be used to unlock new features.

The user can purchase their preferred cars from the garage to kick start their races. While progressing each task they can earn coins and unlock new cars. The user will get a cinematic experience of a race where the camera angles dynamically change in need, giving you the best view of the roads. With every turn and straightaway, you will feel the rush of the race like never before.

 The game’s user-friendly interface and buttery-smooth gameplay ensure that every moment here is a joyride. Every moment you spend in the driver’s seat will take you to electrifying races that will leave you breathless. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking themes, courtesy of an amazing UI, and savour the freedom to roam diverse environments in the pursuit of racing glory. 

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Get ready to rev your engines with Wheel Wizards.

Beta release date
27 Dec 2023
Action, Simulation


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