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Ludo Rivals is a timeless strategic board game developed by 3Plus Games to connect people online and to entertain themselves anytime. The classic game of Ludo has got its new version of gaming with us online, featuring amazing and exciting gameplay with advanced technologies. With Ludo Rivals, anyone can have fun by challenging their friends to a game or to find a way to pass the time.

Following the classic Ludo game originated in India, Ludo Rivals draws a world of happiness with just four pawns. Moving your pawns to the safe zone and later to the home zone by beating your rivals, anyone can have fun playing Ludo Rivals. Experience the digital version of the classic Ludo game here on Ludo Rivals. Master the tips and tricks, discern the rival strategies, and win the game.

In Ludo Rivals, the user can meet a blend of audio-visual experience with an amazing UI. Online and offline gaming options, 3 varieties of Ludo board interface themes, different types of dice, premium offers for diamonds and coins, different modes of games etc. will transform the Ludo Rivals into a unique experience of gaming. 

Open your app with the daily login streak. Spin the wheel daily to avail gold coins and diamonds. Use your coins for 2-Player and 4-Player online and offline games. You can play with your friends online by creating rooms, play with strangers online, play Local by teaming up offline, or you can play with AI, all your choice. Also, you can go for Classic Mode, Quick Mode or Rush Mode. 

The user can go for premium theme offers and dice for gold coins. It’s nice to play Ludo in a greeny forest or a freezing Iceland with blue, red, swirled and many other dice, creating a different mood. The players can also avail of special purchase offers in the store.

Key Features:

Gaming Modes:


By playing Local, the user can either play Classic Ludo, or Team Up Ludo (where you can choose who your teammate is and which colour pawn you want to play). While playing with friends, you can choose either the Classic mode or the Quick mode of Ludo Rivals by creating a private room and choosing your pawn. While playing online, you can play games in either Classic mode or Quick mode with people around the world. If you want to master the game through practice sessions, go for playing with an AI. While playing with AI, you can choose either the Classic mode or Rush mode.

By logging in with Google Play games, the user can be part of the leaderboard where they can see their winning streak and gaming position.

In Rush mode, the user can play continuously by rolling the dice and reaching the home zone without delay. But to win the game, all the pawns should reach to the home zone. But in Quick mode, the one who sends any of their pawns to their home zone will win the game.

Join the fun and pass the time!

release date
22 Dec 2023
Board, Strategy


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